Rheumatism, acne on the back, is it curable?

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Rheumatism, acne on the back, is it curable?

Normally, acne that occurs on the back. probably rarely seen. It may not cause as much concern as acne on the face. But the chance that people will see at UFABET. There are quite a few too. like when we wear our favorite open back dress wear a bathing suit or wear a singlet Nobody wants to reveal a back full of pimples or dark spots from acne. But to cure acne It takes time and methods that are suitable for each type of acne. Let’s get to know different types of acne. Let’s go first So that you can choose the right way to treat acne.

6 types and severity of back acne

  • Type 1 whiteheads

It is a pimple that looks like a small point or blister. Cause by clogged pores. Which has a thin layer of skin coated white can be easily pressed out

  • Type 2 blackheads

It is cause by clogged pores. That reacts with oxygen until it turns into a small black spot on the skin. That can easily pressed out like a whitehead

  • Type 3: inflamed red bumps

It is caused by inflammation of clogged. It is a typethat is sensitive to touch. If unpacking or squeezing Severe infection may occuruntil it scars. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to peel or squeeze this type of acne.

  • Type 4 Inflammatory, purulent head

inflamed With pustules inside, if pressed out, it can cause dark spots or scars.

  • Type 5 red inflamed

It is a severe inflammatory. That is large, hard, and may accompanied by pain. and cannot press by oneself

  • Type 6 elephant head cyst

It is a large severe. inside which there will cyst filled with pus have severe pain can’t press out Only surgical methods are required.

The cause of the back


Acne everywhere on the body Whether it’s on the face, chest, back or buttocks, it’s caused by hormonal changes in our bodies, adolescence, or women who are menstruating or pregnant. So there is a chance to have a lot.  


when the weather is hot Sweating more than usual and piling up Because open pores will accumulate bacteria. and provoke. There are also other reasons such as wearing clothes that are not breathable enough. re-wearing pajamas The bedding and bed are not clean. Failing to shower immediately after playing sports, etc.   

sensitive skin

Irritation from chemical products used in daily life such as laundry detergent or fabric softener, soap, shower cream or even shampoo used to wash the hair. All of them are the cause. on the back.

eating fried food food on a regular basis

Eating foods that are high in fat on a regular basis. It will cause oily skin condition. This will cause clogging in the pores. It easily causes on the back.