Ferran Torres responds to media about Lewandowski.

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Ferran Torres during his football campus activities in Fues, northern Valencia. Before answering a media question about Robert Lewandowski’s issues.

Barcelona’s Spain forward Ferran Torres has responded to media inquiries about signing Bayern’s Poland striker Robert Lewandowski. It was during his attendance at the football campus in Fues. The northern city of Valencia that he was waiting to see what the two clubs would agree on. As reported by Mundo Deportivo on Friday UFABET.

Barcelona are trying to tap Lewandowski to add to their attacking line this summer. While the Polen has made no secret of his intentions to join Azul Grana as well. Bayern Munich are adamant they want to keep the 33-year-old at the club. According to the contract that has one year left. But the drama of ‘Levan’ is expected to end soon. 

‘We know Lewandowski wants to come to Barcelona. ​​We know the players he is and the goals he’s score over the years. Let’s see if Bayern and Barcelona football team agree. How are you doing,’ said Ferran.

Ferran has also ask about Valencia’s 25-year-old midfielder Carlos Soler. Who has also link with Azul Grana. But he declined to address the issues of his former team-mates.