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DIY recipe. The secret to glowing skin. 

DIY recipe. The secret to glowing skin. Age-defying beauty with chicken eggs. “Eggs” is not just a delicious dish. But it is also a good skin food. Because in “chicken eggs” there are egg yolks that are rich in vitamins. and egg whites that contain many protein types Which

Rheumatism, acne on the back, is it curable?

Rheumatism, acne on the back, is it curable? Normally, acne that occurs on the back. probably rarely seen. It may not cause as much concern as acne on the face. But the chance that people will see at UFABET. There are quite a few too. like when we wear our

Crystal Palace sign official Dougure next week.

Crystal Palace are set to announce the signing of Lens midfielder Sheikh Dougure next week. Palace have reached an agreement with Lens for the transfer of Sheikh Dougure at €27.6 million. Including bonuses with the condition that Lens receives a 15 per cent share of

Monza has opened the Edinson Cavani negotiating table.

Monza director Adriano Galliani has opened talks with former Manchester United striker Edinson Cavani. Cavani is a free agent player. Because his contract at Old Trafford expired on June 30. With the past has been linked to Salernitana. Danilo Ervolino, president of Salernitana Given that the Uruguay international

Bayern Munich snubbed the chance to sign Morata

Bayern Munich have reportedly turned down the chance to sign Alvaro Morata. Because the Atletico Madrid forward assesses the Atletico Madrid forward. As not a direct representative of Robert Lewandowski. Bayern Munich are not interested in signing Alvaro Morata. As the Atletico Madrid forward do

Jesus warm-up kills Nuremberg 5-3.

Gabriel Jesus made his Arsenal debut with a bang after scoring twice in their 5-3 friendly win over Nuremberg. The £45m striker, who moved from Manchester City this summer was sent off in the second half. And it took only 90 seconds to break the door