When face with PM2.5 dust

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When face with PM2.5 dust

What is PM2.5?

         Small dust with diameter smaller than 2.5 microns or only 1 in 25 of the diameter of a human hair. This type of dust is caused by the combustion of large industrial plants. Various manufacturing and chemical industries car fuel combustion. Power generation can enter the respiratory tract, lungs and bloodstream directly. If received in large quantities May at risk of heart disease, blood vessels, emphysema, pneumonia, conjunctivitis, Alzheimer’s. And may put pregnant women at risk of premature birth. It can also penetrate into the skin. causing skin irritation as well at UFABET.

The dangers of PM2.5 dust on the skin

  • dermatitis and skin allergies

The results are immediately noticeable. After the skin has expose to PM2.5 dust. It is allergic reaction and red rash. long-term part Dust penetrates through skin cells and damages the skin. Cause skin inflammation easily

  • wrinkled skin

destroy the skin structure It makes collagen under the skin deteriorate faster. Until the skin becomes wrinkled Sagging make skin aging

  • Melasma, freckles, dark spots

Encourages skin pigmentation to work more than usual Until causing blemishes, freckles, dark spots more easily than normal weather conditions

  • clogged acne

PM2.5 dust will oxidize the skin. with oil coated on the skin until the skin cell renewal process works. Worse causes skin cells to remain on the surface of the face Until finally clogged acne

Beautiful skin against dust by taking care of the skin after exposure to PM2.5 dust

  1. Choose a sunscreen that protects the skin from PM2.5 pollution.
  2. eat fruits and vegetables Add vitamins to make your skin healthy. More immune to pollution
  3. Stop smoking, prevent skin cells from lacking oxygen. Until the blood does not flow, causing the skin to become dry and wrinkled.
  4. Drink enough water to meet your body’s needs. to add moisture to the skin
  5. Wash your face thoroughly and deeply with the innovative O2Jetpeel, a skin scrub using water pressure that uses high-speed air pressure. with a speed of 200 meters per second Delivers 99% pure oxygen with vitamins to the skin. It is a skin cell renewal technology that has been developed to the most gentle on the skin. but most effective. It can deeply remove dirt in dusty weather and pollution that clog pores. ready to eliminate bacteria Reduce inflammation of acne. Eliminate the cause of acne Stimulates blood circulation and the creation of new skin cells.
  6. Facial treatment with Mesoscience Skeyndor, needle-free mesotherapy. It is a technique that pushes skin vitamins into the deep layers of the skin without using a needle. thereby increasing safety do not hurt Stimulates skin cell turnover and circulatory system. The vitamins and drugs are absorbed into the cells efficiently. Helps to nourish facial skin to be tight and firm urgently It is most suitable for use in recovering the skin crisis in the PM 2.5 dust